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Honesty is more than merely 'not lying'. It is about speaking and acting truthfully. When one wants change in any walk of life, it is first of all important to accept fully and completely what is wrong and needs to change. This requires a degree of complete honesty, it is a moral imperative. Only then can the change be constructive and effective.
Our speaker this evening will explore this challenging subject and help us to clearly understand how we can affect beneficial change in our lives. 
About Speaker:

Judi Rich along with coordinating the activities of Brahma Kumaris Center in Calgary, Canada, also works as a graphic designer and fitness instructor.   Although it may seem that the intensity & activity of fitness, and the stillness & silence of contemplation are incompatible, she has found that the opposite is true...that they actually enhance each other and create a sense of well-being when integrated.

From childhood, she had been interested in ‘the bigger questions of life’, and how the answers might contribute to a kinder world. Through the study of Raja Yoga, a spiritual practice from 1992 onwards, Judi feels she has not only found the answers she sought, but re-awakened a capacity we all have for deep contentment, peace and inner stability. 

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