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This age old question is perhaps more relevant in the current times. Often, in situations of distress or sorrow, God, the Supreme or a Higher power is remembered and looked up to for solace. Sometimes, due to the varied concepts, ideas and philosophies, many questions remain unanswered. Wherever we are in our journey of life, keeping the minds and hearts open for understanding can lead us to deeper and sweet experiences of truth. This will enhance and bring stability in the relationships with ourselves and others.
This event will be marking the festival of Shiv Ratri.
Sudesh Didi will discuss this thought provoking subject aspiring us to get more clarity and understanding.

Speaker: Sudesh Didi, Germany
Sudesh Didi, is the European Director of the Brahma Kumaris, currently based in Germany.  She is an outstanding lecturer, teacher and broadcaster on human development, meditation and the creative abilities of the mind.  She has travelled in over 90 countries, addressing national and international conferences. She has the unique ability of crossing cultural differences, serving as a bridge between East and West.  In all aspects of her life, she demonstrates a lively sense of humour, a generous nature and a youthful desire to learn from every human experience.

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