InnerSpace Glasgow Academy House
1346 Shettleston Road
United Kingdom

Mastering Anxiety

Saturday 18th September 2021

Talk & Meditation : Free

2pm – 3.15pm

At times we all find ourselves feeling anxious.

To feel anxious when we attempt something new is natural, it becomes a problem though when it stops us achieving our goals and grows into a feeling that we just don’t seem to be able to shake off. Knowing that our thoughts affect our feelings we can begin to first of all reason with our anxious thoughts.

Ask yourself, ‘Is this really true?’

 ‘Am I exaggerating?’

‘Am I anticipating the worst?’

‘How many of my past worries have come true?’

Regular meditation enables me to bring peace into my mind & anxiety will fade over time.

Booking is essential.

Please note we have moved premises

& we look forward to welcoming you to the new InnerSpace!

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