InnerSpace Glasgow Academy House
346 Shettleston Road
United Kingdom

We are used to knowing things by seeing them, hearing them, tasting them, touching or smelling them. Most of us have grown up in a ‘seeing–is–believing’ and ‘hands on’ culture and we are used to perceiving things in that way. Because we can’t see, hear, taste, touch or smell God, the question arises – is God for real?

One can reach out to God with pure thoughts and be connected to Him. The soul experiences the response of pure feelings and spiritual strength. God is truth itself and thus can be recognized with the eye of truth.

  The Supreme Soul, The Divine, God is benevolent and can be trusted completely.

In meditation, using my thoughts , I connect to this SOURCE of unconditional love that accepts me and gives assistance to make positive changes.

God’s role is to give love, power and hope. 

Belief in God is not essential.

Make a daily appointment to meet up with The Divine , start or deepen the relationship with The most lovely SOUL , the most GENTLE soul, the most SWEET ONE, The  BEING of Truth.

Then move through the day in the company of THE ONE .

Make it a natural relationship . Tell that One EVERYTHING.


Like us, God is also a soul. Unlike us, He is referred to as the Supreme Soul – the only soul who never takes a body (gross or subtle, human or angelic) of His own. He is beyond the effects of actions and is never subject to the dualities of birth and death, pleasure and pain, success and failure. Being beyond the limits of time of this physical world, He retains absolute knowledge of the universe and all its dimensions.

God lives, not everywhere but somewhere. A thought of God almost always takes the eyes upwards, as though one is perhaps expecting a face to miraculously appear from behind the clouds or to beam down from the moon. Thoughts are powerful. They link one soul to another. If they are properly channelled, thoughts can even go where only the soul can travel – beyond the moon and stars to a dimension of golden red light, the original home of all souls.

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