InnerSpace Glasgow 277 High Street United Kingdom

“Keep Going” Beyond Addiction with Meditation

A free event With Sister Rose & Luke Walton
Conscious Contact & Developing a Relationship with God
For anyone touched by addiction & dependency in any form.
 If you are interested hearing more about Raja Yoga Meditation please come along.
 All Welcome.
Learn more about Meditation : A two way communication of listening and speaking to God.
A deep transformation only comes when there is that encounter with God, because what transforms the depths of the self is love. If God remains abstract, then there is very little transformation.
When God becomes personal and real then one is able to experience the relationship, and it is through relationship that one begins to experience the love that gives one faith in oneself and the courage to change.
There is always that support, acceptance, faithfulness from God in His relationship with you.
He doesn’t abandon damage or diminish you, but holds you.
Luke Walton is on the longest journey … from the head to the heart. He is learning to master the mind. He describes recovery as being like a heart transplant, out with the old, in with the new !
Meditation allows newness to be accepted and spiritual growth to take place. He experiences this newness as a gift from God.

Sister Rose Goodenough is the Co-ordinator of Inner Space Meditation Centre in Glasgow and has been a student and teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation for over 35 years.
A down to earth speaker, she presents complex subjects with great clarity and examples from personal experiences. She truly walks the talk and this acts as an inspiration to others.

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