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Can you Face Challenges ?

The Power to Face

I understand that challenges will come my way... that they come to test my resolve. Somehow it’s not the external challenges that catch me out. The ones that would really undermine me are my own weaknesses. These ones are dangerous to me... they would rob me of my dreams. They would cloud my sense of self and cause damage to my soul. To these, I invoke the fire of courage and transform them in the flames of truth. In this fire, dark becomes light. Iron turns to gold. The main attributes of The Power to Face are courage and honesty. When you use the Power to Face, nothing is too fearsome to handle - whether it is within you, or a person or situation in your life. You need to face whatever comes - fears or overwhelming emotions, lack of self-worth, attacks or insults by others, or situations that seem impossible, insurmountable. The Power to Face provides all the weapons you need. The Power to Face is the capacity to embrace even the most difficult situations, to know that you have the power to transform whatever presents itself. The Power to Face doesn’t allow anything to hide. This is the power to bring things out into the light of day, where they can be seen clearly and transformed. It is not aggressive, but is certainly assertive and powerful.

This One Day Retreat in the City will facilitate your inward journey in an efficient and effective way.
Learn about:
real self esteem
consciousness and self-realisation
connection and relationship with God
Step off the conveyor belt of life and spend a few hours in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere, reflecting on the important factors governing your everyday experience.
Explore the basics of Raja Yoga meditation and look at the practical application of spirituality in daily life.

Rose Goodenough has been a teacher and practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation for over 35 years and co-ordinates the activities of the Brahma Kumaris at InnerSpace Meditation Centre in Glasgow.
Sister Rose shares from her heart with honesty and a depth of wisdom gained from her practical experience of using the power of meditation in her life. Her talks are appreciated for their comforting encouragement & powerful clear insights. 

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