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In the 1950’s, long before rockets first escaped the pull of Earth's gravity, a radio series called Journey Into Space entranced young listeners. It foreshadowed future possibilities, some of which have since become stunning reality.
Alongside humankind’s first steps into outer space, however, many have become increasingly alienated from our own inner space - that of the spirit or soul.
Now the Brahma Kumaris have created an interactive exhibition and book drawing on discoveries at the frontiers of science, as well as great literature and spiritual understanding, to reveal the journey of the true self.
Using a novel technology, The Journey  brings alive artwork and texts to explain what is meant by the inner life.  In nine intriguing steps, the actor Clarke Peters and meditation teacher Sister Jayanti point us towards the peace, love and power that lie within.
At this evening’s presentation, author and former science journalist Neville Hodgkinson will introduce and demonstrate The Journey and explain its potential to help us reconnect with the original qualities of the soul.  
You can hear BBC Radio Oxford's Kat Orman describing her experience of a visit to The Journey here:

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