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Moving on is a personal choice.

Another person’s advice may NOT be what you need. 

We do not need to know the details of Karma… both the happiness and sorrow that we feel today is a return of the seeds that we have sown earlier.  Simply take full responsibility for them. 

Holding onto that which is decaying and decomposing is not healthy on any level. As we hold on tightly to the old, as we withdraw into the comfort zone of what we know, we are becoming more and more stale and less and less creative.

It might feel painful, and it takes a lot of courage to accept that something is over.  Much like mourning death. Yet the soul understands that all good things must come to an end and that in its place a new bud is emerging and becoming ready to bloom into something even more beautiful.  Once you take that step of courage, you feel strong and light, as if a burden has lifted from your shoulders.

Death (of anything) is part of the cycle of life that we must understand deeply.  We almost always begin something excitedly, and live happily with it, but when it is time for closure, why is there the pain then? We take sorrow from the closing of a chapter, when instead we need to focus on the new chapter and adventures ahead!  As you change your attitude towards the words – ‘THE END’ – you will be able to embrace the words – ‘THE BEGINNING’ – with great joy and glee!

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