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There is exponential growth of complexity and complication of everything in this world. In such a climate, simplicity is so refreshing and soothing.

A simple mind that does not over think; a simple mind that has the power to put a full stop to unnecessary thoughts and questioning.

A simple mind holds the value and beauty of everyone in its attitude: that lets go the analysis of the scene just gone by and re-enters the present: that creates an atmosphere of easiness and acceptance and spreads a fragrance of lightness.

Such a mind is so powerful.

It’s Time to instill some daily practices in our life to strengthen our mind and body.  We are then able to experience higher realms of living and being.

From time to time throughout the day detach from your work and relationships and become a detached observer. Instead of becoming engrossed in the scene in front of you, imagine as though you are watching a movie or a real-life theatre. Enjoy it, laugh at it, appreciate the actors, for they are all only playing a role – good, bad and the ugly.

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