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When things happen ‘to us’ it can be quite easy to fall into victim mode.  A victim is one who thinks and believes that their misfortune is as a result of the negative deeds of another, or that life has dealt them an unfair blow.  They do not feel fully in charge of their lives.  They are waiting for things to get better, or for someone to wave a magic wand so that they can feel happier or better.

Stop being a victim and become a master of your life by creating the kind of life you want. Always remember that suffering is optional, in fact it is self-imposed. You do not need to just stand there and allow it to take you over. Adjust, forgive, forget, or do whatever you need to do, and then move on in all ways into your next chapter of your life.  Just as when we peel a fruit, we keep what is of value and throw the rest away. So too, keep the best and get over the rest.

It’s totally in our hands whether we spend years, or moments getting over something.  Only we can flip the switch, no-one else!  So, what are you waiting for?  Someone to save you?  The savior is you, and you are the one you have been waiting for.  You can be your best healer, your best friend, your own beloved, and your own guiding light.

It’s Time… to get over the ‘stuff’ as quickly as possible, to keep moving forward and to return back to our original self, that of being peaceful, powerful and happy.

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