Global Co-operation House 65-69 Pound Lane, Willesden Green United Kingdom
A facilitated afternoon for women to explore their innate inner power and ‘equality’ with reflective time and discussion, adding to the UK conversation on the IWD theme.
How can we challenge stereotypes and broaden our perceptions?
We will explore how meditation and focusing on our inner being can help us develop true self-respect. Each individual effort can have a collective impact!
Ella Matheson is a Compassion Consultant and a writer and conscious activist to establish a United Kingdom Ministry of Peace. A recipient of the Dadi Janki 100 Women of Spirit award in 2016, she is also a Trustee of the (Desmond) Tutu Foundation UK as well as a facilitator for the Prem Rawat Peace Education Programme. Founder of Peace in the City and author of the upcoming book "The Art of Being - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Lives", she is a trained Architectural Designer and was a Mars Venus Facilitator who was personally endorsed by Dr John Gray and a Principal Diversity Officer, Women's Equality.
Luciana Marques de Souza Ferraz is a sociologist and teacher with wide experience in the field of training individuals looking for a better life.  She has run courses in India, USA, Europe and Latin American on several topics such as stress-free living, integral health, positive consciousness and meditation. In Brazil, she co-ordinated international projects in connection with the UN - The Million Minutes of Peace Appeal, Global Co-operation for a Better World and Sharing our Values for a Better World. Presently, Luciana is the national Co-ordinator for Brahma Kumaris in Brazil.

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