Global Co-operation House , 65-69 Pound Lane, Willesden Green, London NW10 2HH
The ideas and language around tolerance these days tend to underline the divide between differences, rather than an acceptance and an allowing. A more profound meaning to ‘tolerance’ is a deep love and valuing of differences, of uniqueness.
Our speaker, Caroline Ward, will explore with us a way forward that investigates our natural and deep need as human beings to connect with each other.
Caroline is an educator, coach, thinking partner and author. She established and ran a successful boutique consulting company, ‘About People’ and has travelled to more than sixty countries as a teacher/facilitator of human awakening. Back in Australia, Caroline’s current project is ‘The Optimist Heart’ – highlighting the
vitality, joy and optimism that is available when we stop ‘performing’ and start ‘being’.
Caroline has been a student and practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation with the Brahma Kumaris for 30 years.
Marking the International Day of Tolerance

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