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A dysfunctional family is formally characterized as one involving “conflict, misbehavior, or abuse.” Relationships between family members can be tense and be filled with neglect, yelling, and screaming. Some can be be forced into accepting negative treatment.
They can also feel there’s no space to express their thoughts and feelings and aren’t able to thrive and feel safe within their own family.
Breaking the cycle of dysfunction starts with inner harmony…loving the self as we are, making peace with the experiences that shaped us and gently removing the labels that were given to us in our innocence.  As with the self, dysfunctional family relationships gradually improve and as we change different doors open up. 
This event will heighten your understanding and provide tips and tools to enable us to break the cycle.
Guest Speaker:  Nina's professional background in corporate management and service delivery, together with her personal journey, has led her to develop a keen interest in the development of values-based learning.  Nina is a meditation practitioner,  seminar leader and for the last 22 years, works with a cross-section of individuals and groups in this capacity.  As a trained Independent Funeral Celebrant, Nina has a keen interest in spiritual end of life care.
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