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Celebrating National Vegetarian Week
For many, a vegetarian diet is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for ethical, ecological, and health reasons. 
Before cooking, we spend time choosing the best quality ingredients.  However, how much attention do we give to our state of mind as we cook?
David and Dipti, two experienced meditators who love to eat!, cook and grow food will be in conversation about how vital this ingredient of consciousness is for our wellbeing.
David Goodman is a keen organic gardener and is passionate about growing nutrient rich food. He also loves all types of sport. He is a retired community dentist; and is presently a trustee of the Janki Foundation for Spirituality in Healthcare. David is an experienced meditator with an accessible blend of humour and down to earth spiritual wisdom. Based in Leeds, he helps to coordinate activities for Brahma Kumaris in the North of England.



Dipti Khatry has been studying Raja Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris for over 25 years. Based in London, she helps with the planning and coordination of events and courses offered by Global Co-operation House. Dipti loves cooking and baking, especially cakes. She feels that it’s not so much what you make but how you make it, including the quantity of love you add which guarantees a satisfying and yummy result. Dipti also likes gardening and spending time outdoors with nature.

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