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United Kingdom

Introduction To
Raja Yoga Meditation


Experience peace, inner strength and wisdom through ‘yoga for the mind’

Introductory course:
Learn how to:
                                                *    meditate anytime anywhere
                                                *    experience the beauty of the true self
                                                *    understand the nature of consciousness
                                                *    connect with the Divine
                                                *    draw upon your spiritual powers

4 week course

Course starting Dates 2018
                                                *    Begins    Mon 3 Sep     7.15pm
                                                *    Begins    Mon 1 Oct      7.15pm                                               
                                                *    Begins    Mon 5 Nov     7.15pm
                                                *    Begins    Mon 3 Dec     7.15pm


All courses are free –
please book by telephone 0115 981 7331
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