Global Co-operation House, 65-69 Pound Lane, Willesden Green, United Kingdom
An afternoon of shared experiences, personal reflection, live music and meditation with people from many walks of life and faith. This event celebrates National Inter Faith Week and the 10th and final year of Just This Day
A chance to meet and hear people whose own inner journey has informed their way of life.
The afternoon will be introduced by Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris, international speaker, author and Raj Yogi for over 40 years.
Salina Ahmed: Co-founder of Inspirited Minds, a voluntary mental health charity working within the Muslim community to raise awareness of mental health and provide support and help. 
Father Laurence Freeman, Director of the World Community of Christian Meditation, is a great asset to any conversation about meditation. He is also an ambassador for meditation as a way of accessing the pace behind all difference and all activity.
Sister Mina Karawadra, a young Brahma Kumari, lives at the Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Centre. She works as Accounts Manager and helps with the running of Inner Space, a meditation centre in Oxford.
Jeremy Sinclair, is Chairman of M&C Saatchi.  He is also a senior tutor of Philosophy at the School of Economic Science where mantra meditation is offered.  He wrote The Brutal Simplicity of Thought and a Children’s book Faces Faces Faces which was co-authored with his wife Jacquie.
The discussion will be chaired by Sister Maureen Goodman, Programme Director of the Brahma Kumaris (UK)
Pearls of Islam will be playing during the afternoon. They are a highly acclaimed acoustic duo who create sweet, organic and soulful melodies through the use of traditional instruments: djembe, darbouka, guitar and voice. One of their specialities is performing traditional Arabic Qasaaid (song) transformed into English.
Just This Day is celebrating its 10th year and continues to encourage people to take moments of silence and practise stillness in their daily lives. To find out more visit
The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK) promotes the principles and practice of Raja Yoga meditation, encouraging the development of the spiritual dimension in life and with it a sense of well-being, dignity and self-reliance.
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