Southall, 7 Herbert road
Southall, Middlesex
UB1 1LH,
United Kingdom


We all want to experience harmony in our lives - at home, at work, in our communities. Let us explore what is harmony - and how we - as individuals and as the whole human race - can reclaim that natural state of wellbeing.

Speaker: Rachel Priestman has been studying and practising Raja Yoga for 14 years. She's amazed by the changes it has enabled her to make in her life, so that it's now more peaceful and purposeful - and infinitely more enjoyable.  She has worked in the arts, public relations and urban regeneration. For three years she lived at the Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Centre at Oxford, helping as a full-time carer and is now based at the National Co-ordinating Office at Global Co-operation House in London.





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