Global Co-operation House , 65-69 Pound Lane, Willesden Green, London NW10 2HH
Out of temporary relief, shock or frustration, phrases like “Thank God!”, “Oh my God!” and “For God’s sake!” are still quite commonly heard, even from the mouth of an atheist!
Are these just the expressions of familiar phrases, or is there a deep subconscious sense that God can help me at a time of need? If so, how can I receive that help and experience a genuine sense of lightness, support & gratitude emerging in my life?
Speaker: Matthew Earl
Matthew is a science graduate and former 'spiritual sceptic'. An interest in self-development led him to explore meditation, and he began teaching to pass on insights and techniques that he used to quietly take all areas of his life to a completely different level. He takes simple & profound methods that work practically, and communicates them to great effect. Now based in London, Matthew teaches Raja Yoga meditation through courses, talks, and workshops.


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