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Short talks to soothe & uplift

Please join us for these regular events only on Facebook, on Thursdays 11am   & Sundays  6pm BST.

FACEBOOK  EVENTS  :  Brahma Kumaris Innerspace Glasgow


Thursday  11am - 11.30am (GMT)

Sunday 6pm - 6.30pm (GMT)

With Rose Goodenough

You will also be able to post your comments and questions to Sister Rose with a live Questions and answers at the end.



“Sooths away the hard edges of tension and left feeling light and peaceful.”

“Very uplifting! I feel more positive about my own capabilities after listening to Rose’s talks.

You can feel her belief in you,  that you can do it. 

 She talks with a lot of love and sincerity. I always feel inspired!”

“I feel lightness, enthusiasm to start practising & a sense of well being & hope for the future.”

“These talks are inspiring uplifting and powerful. Helps to focus on changing our inner thoughts, giving strength and courage to face these challenging, changing times ahead.”


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